How Do I Get Rid of This Peanut Size Pinch After Lower Face Lift?

Had a lower face lift approximately 7 weeks ago. The majority of the swelling has gone down. I still have this peanut size pinch that has not flatten just on top of my frontal ear just below where the incision was made in the front. My doctor says it is swelling but it still looks like it did when I came home from surgery, a pinch in the skin. I am a black male who normally wears a close hair cut in my sideburn area. Any idea whether this will correct on its or this surgical a correction? Thxs

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Scar tissue after facelift

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Without a clinical exam or good pictures it is difficult to comment but from your description, its likely scar tissue or plicated skin fold both of which will likely resolve over the next 3-4 months. You may need massaging or even steroid injection by your surgeon to help expedite the resolution. It is important to follow closely with your surgeon.

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