Can I ever get rid of paresthesias and pressure at top of my head after coronal brow lift 17 years ago?

I am in pain all waking hours and cannot stand it.

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Browlift Complications

Unfortunately, after 17 years there is not much that can be done.  What you are experiencing are common complaints associated with coronal browlift surgery.  I would suggest consultation with a neurologist to evaluate your can. Candidacy to be medically treated for "nerve pain".  Good Luck

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Can I ever get rid of paresthesias and pressure at top of my head after coronal brow lift 17 years ago?

Unfortunately, a these type of neurological issues can be a complication of a coronal brow lift. If you have had these same sensations for 17 years, there is very little likelihood for improvement. However, if these symptoms are new, you can entertain that they may not be related to your surgery and seek a neurology consult.

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Pain from Surgery 17 years ago

Please consult a neurologist of an ENT to rule out any other possible underlying cause of the pain. Should the pain be secondary to Coronal Brow Lift, it is most likely a painful neuroma and is also most unlikely to resolve spontaneously by now.

Effective treatments for this condition include the following:
  • antineuralgia analgesics like neurontin, tegretol, or lyrica
  • absolute alcohol injection
  • surgiccal removal of the neuroma
  • acupuncture
Personally, I have found acupuncture a very effective pain management treatment.

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Will numbness from a procedure done 17 years ago improve

It is unlikely that your will have any further improvement since such a long period of time has passed. Generally, numbness after surgery can show continued improvement for weeks and even months, but 17 years  is a rather long time and I would not expect any change at this time.

Antonio Gayoso, MD
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