How Do I Get Rid Of my Extra Bellie Fat and my Love Handles?

How Do I Get Rid Of my Extra Bellie Fat and my Love Handles?

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Reduction of Belly Fat and Love Handles

There are two ways of eliminating abdominal an flank fat if you have reasonably elastic skin. One is liposuction. This can be any method from tumescent to ultrasonic to laser. They all work exceptionally well in the right hands. Make sure whoever you see for it has significant experience over many years. The other method is non-surgical and is with either a laser (the Zerona®) or by freezing the fat. I prefer the Zerona® since there is no pain associated with it. This, too, requires an operator with experience to obtain a good result.


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Extra belly fat and liposuction

It is always best to undergo an exam.  If it is fat superficial to the abdominal musculature and you ahve good skin tone, liposuction may be the answer.

Steven Wallach, MD
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