Can I get rid of this nose hump without surgery?

I got hit in the nose a week ago my nose started bleeding right after not much but it bled. It felt soar to the touch and a bit swollen.I keep pushing down on the hump to try and make it go down,it will but only for a few minutes.

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Can I get rid of this nose hump without surgery?

I would get examined by a rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgeon. Decisions about what to do can be made after that point.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Rhinoplasty for hump removal

Trauma to the nose should be evaluated by a ENT/ facial plastic surgeon to document the nasal fracture and or septal fracture. A septal fracture can cause a septal hematoma which would need to be surgically drained. Hump removal is accomplished by shaving down both bone and cartilage and then osteotomies will be required to close the open roof deformity and straighten the nasal bones. For many examples, please see the link below to our surgical rhinoplasty hump removal photo gallery

William Portuese, MD
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Hump on nose immediately after injury

Dear ezzE,

First, I'm sorry you were hit in the nose! Most importantly, you need to be examined by a physician who understands noses immediately, if you have not already done so. They need to check to see if there's a blood accumulation in your septum (septal hematoma) and determine if your bones need to be 'reset'. While I can't give you medical advice on this forum, I would suggest you see someone now if you haven't already.

Assuming you've done that, at this point you need to be patient with your nose. In my experience, pushing on the nasal bump will not make it better. It may be that after the swelling goes down, it looks as it did before. In some cases, it will not. If that happens, a rhinoplasty surgeon can discuss with you if anything should be done. In my practice, we wait about 6 months to make that determination (sometimes longer). It may help to be evaluated by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon now to understand what's going on with you injury.

Sam Most, MD
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