How to get rid of new chicken pox scars.

Hi! I am 21 yrs old I just recovered from chicken pox , all my scabs have fallen off leaving red scars on my face and do I het rid of den completely. Also i didnot scratch or pick my blisters and scabs at all, can i still get dented scars on my face and body??

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Chicken pox scars on the face

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Red chicken pox scars can be treated with a laser to improve redness. Depressed scars may or may not form, it may be too early to tell.

However, there are treatment options available for depressed chicken pox scars.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Chicken pox scars

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The good News are: Chickenpox usually does not leave (permanent) scars unless the blisters were scratched and/or became infected. Initial redness of the "scars" improves in time.

Sun screen use of the exposed areas with red "spots" for several months is very important to avoid hyper pigmentation. 

Should you have some remaining scars after several months smaller scar revisions usually can improve them considerably. 

Wish you patience and good luck.

Guido P. Gutter, MD
Evansville Plastic Surgeon
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