How Can I Get Rid of my Upper Lip Horizontal Smile Wrinkle? (photo)

3.5 months ago I had Surgisil Lip Implants placed into both my upper and lower lips. I had been getting filler in my lips for about 2 years and I wanted sometime permanent. I had never had an upper horizontal lip crease with my natural lips or with Juvederm. About 2 months after getting my lip implants I noticed that when I smile I have a very large crease above my upper lip. They tried injecting Botox but it didn't really help. Do I have any other opinions besides getting it removed?

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Surgisil Lip Implant

 You need a revision. If the implant is placed correctly beneath the pink part of your lip, then you probably need a smaller implant. Did you actively stretch your lip several weeks after implantation? If not, your lip may be stiff instead of elastic as it should be.

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