How Do I Get Rid of my Uneven Nostrils Naturally?

I'm 18 and I'm not considering rhinoplasty. But I have uneven nostrils that bother me so much. One of my nostril is smaller than the other one and it looks bad because my face is small and my nose stands out from my face. Anything I can do to get rid of my uneven nostrils FOREVER? I'm short on money so don't consider rhinoplasty or Botox. But I want something that is permanent.

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Correcting Nostril Asymmetry is VERY Challenging

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Asymmetry between the two sides of our bodies is VERY common. For example, the right side of our face, the right eye, the right brow and the right breast are almost always different from the left. in the case of nostrils, mild asymmetry is seen commonly but it is hard to fix. When we do try to correct it, the correction involves surgery. There is no nonsurgical method to correct nostrils.

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