How can I get rid of my scars on my legs and arms permanently? I also have a burn scar on my leg?

Hi i'm lynn have scars on my legs and arms and a burned scar on my leg.i had them when i was 12.i don't how exactlly i got them,my mom told me that maybe i got them from insect bites or alergies.i have been using scar creams now for three years it seems like nothing is working i stiil have these scars.i have been hiding them by wearing pants,and i hate people teasing me because of my scars.pls can you tell what is the best way to get rid of them forever and fast.

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How can I get rid of my scars on my legs and arms permanently? I also have a burn scar on my leg?

There is no way to definitvely and permanently remove scars--that is the biologic way that the human body heals. Often however, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience treating scars can help to diminish their appearance typically using a combination of approaches. Scar creams at this point are likely not helping so I could discontinue those since the scars are old. You seem to likely have a component of hyperpigmentation going on as well--we often treat those in our practice using a combination of topical medical grade bleaching creams (e.g. hydroquinone) for several months and occasionally a light-based treatment such as IPL or BBL. Additionally, sometimes some laser treatments can improve the appearance of scars and make them less noticeable.  Seek out someone in your local area with experience in handling scars to consult with.

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