How Do I Get Rid of my Eye Bags? (photo)

Hi, I'm looking for a permanent treatment for my eye bags. I did have sleeping problems and am fixing them now but I'd rather get rid of my eye bags asap. I don't mind Restylane but I'm looking for something more permanent.

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Permanent solution to eyelids

There does not appear to be much fat herniation in the lower lids in this photo.There are  slight malar bags which will not be helped with surgery.  Probably best to wait for now.  

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Non-surgical procedures to improve under eye hollowing and dark circles

Thank you for your question.  I'm glad that you have your sleeping issues resolved.  Seeing from the photo you submitted alone, it is hard for to appreciate significant eye bags.  What I do see is some puffiness, but you describe as eye bags are actually under eye hollowing in the tear trough area, and dark circles caused by pigmentation. 

Based on your photos alone, I would recommend that your best treatment options are non-surgical, starting with improving your skin quality.  What I routinely do in my practice is a cutting edge technique that uses platelet-rich plasma.  This would involve drawing your own blood like a blood test, and spinning it to concentrate the platelets, which are the factors responsible for healing.  I would then carefully inject the concentrated platelets into under eye area where you have dark circles caused by pigmentation.  The procedure will stimulate collagen, healing, and new blood supply to the region.  No injectable other than a person's own platelet-rich plasma/blood can stimulate new blood supply.  This uses the body's own concentrated healing factors to improve eyelid skin, and reduces fine lines and pigmentation.  To further improve your skin's health and hydration, I would also recommend using topical creams, perhaps ones that contain retinoids.

I would also recommend treating the indentation in the tear trough area by adding volume.  In my practice, I would use a hyaluronic filler such as Restylane, which I'd delicately inject into the tear trough area.  Restylane is a common filler used to increase volume in the under eye area, and is also widely used to treat wrinkles around the lips and other areas.

It is important to remember that a realistic goal is to seek improvement in the appearance of your under eye area rather than to achieve perfection.  What can be done to improve the appearance of the area is limited by your own anatomy.  It is always best to book to personally consult with a specialist in cosmetic medical procedures to eyes and face to get customized treatment options and guidance.  I hope this helps you, and thanks again for your question.

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How Do I Get Rid of my Eye Bags?

 From the photos, there are very minimal eye bags of the lower eyelids and what appears like it may be malar bags bilaterally.  I suggest an in person consultation and evaluation with an experienced eyelid surgeon in your area.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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