How to Get Rid of my Burn Scar on my Toddler? (photo)

My toddler about 3 years old pulled the hot iron and got it on his forehead, he then got several burn scars, It healed more or less okay, however in that age he was very active and liked to jump up and around and for that reason tearing up the scar until it finally healed. Now he is left with a very visible scar and I am wondering how to get rid of it before he get in a age where people will start commenting it.

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Getting rid of burn scar on toddler

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It is not clear how old the burn scar in the picture is. What I can appreciate from the attached picture, is hyperpigmentation of majority of the scar, with small focus of  hypopigmentation at one end.

It will not be possible to have the scar completely disappear.  If the burn occurred a very short time ago, say 1-6 months, you will be best served to leave the scar to continue to heal and remodel. To minimize further pigmentation, use an antioxidant sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and try as much as possible to have your toddler wear a hat every time he is outdoors.

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