How Do You Get Rid of Melasma on the Face? What are the Best Products and Treatments?

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Melasma treatment preferences

Melasma can be difficult to treat and someone with intense melasma should understand it is not always possible to remove discoloration completely. BUT...blending melasma-affected skin with lighter surrounding skin is possible.

There are several excellent products and programs. Obagi, Cosmelan, Spot Peel, various other de-pigmentation peels and home programs all provide different levels of improvement. 

Melasma will always appear more obvious if you don't practice consistent sun protection. And by consistent, I mean every day - rain or shine. A full spectrum sunscreen or sunblock should be on your face every morning and reapplication (if possible) is recommended.

Like acne, Melasma should be viewed as a chronic condition that is managed more than cured.


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