How can I get rid of a laser burn?

My skin had got burnt from a laser at a party. It has got the point where it is white. What should I do?

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Laser Burn

Being that you said the skin is turning white I am presuming that you have some hypopigmentation. Which means that you have "lost" pigmentation in certain spots. This is usually not permanent. Since you do not have pictures available I can't really judge how bad your burns are. If you have active burns such as blisters. I would recommend Aquaphor ointment. This will help soothe the pain and heal the blisters faster. For the hypopigmentation there's not much you can do except give it time. As your skin cells turn over the color should start to reappear. This could take several weeks. In the future, I recommend that you only have laser treatments from trained technicians in an office environment. Best of luck to you.

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