How to Get Rid of This Keloid, I Dont Have Insurance? (photo)

Please help me and plus i'm graduating this year and i do not want this on my ear . for graduation. And it's very irretating.

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Keloid surgery for the earlobe and ear

This ear keloid requires definitive surgical excision to remove the pedunculated keloid scar.  Long term results are great.

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Get Rid of Keloid

The first approach for a keloid are kenalog injections. If this does not resolve after a few treatments, then a surgical option is possible. To verify your optimal treatment plan, consult in person with 2 - 3 experienced and expert physicians.  

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How to Get Rid of This Keloid, I Dont Have Insurance? (photo)

Some Keloid formations may be resolved through Cortisone injections and some require surgical excision.  I would need to know more of your history and examine you before I could make a definitive determination about this. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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