I Can't Get Rid of Infection Even After Breast Implant Has Been Removed?

I had a breast implant removed 2 months after surgery due to the infection. I interrupted anti-biotic 5 days after the emergency surgery to remove the implant and the infection resumed again. Pathology test could not identify the type of bacteria but according to the PS, I have an infection. He said I need another surgery to clean up the infection. Is this additional surgery really necessary? Since there is no implant in place, I think my body should be able to cure the problem itself.

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Infection post implant.

Infection can occur due to many different types of bacteria. Some bacteria are easier to get rid of than others. Removal of the implant is the first step, however removal of any capsule is also important as the bacteria may remain in an area unreachable by your immune system or antibiotics. In certain infections (such as mycobacterial infections), it may take months of antibiotic treatment to completely resolve the infection. Special stains and growth media may be required to identify the type of bacteria which cannot be seen on standard tests.

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Infection with breast implant

WIthout knowing what exactly is going on with your care, it is impossible to assess why you might need further surgery without a better history and an exam.

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Treatment of Breast Implant Infection?

I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced.

The best way to handle your situation will vary from one patient to another. Ultimately, assuming you're working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, it will be in your best interests to heed your plastic surgeon's advice. If your plastic surgeon is suggesting further surgery to “clean up the infection”, there is very likely a reason why he is concerned about residual “infection”. You should feel free to ask him about his concerns.

Best wishes.

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