How Can I Get Rid of This Infection After a Breast Uplift in Belgium?

i had my op 7 weeks ago since then it looks like things will not heal ive had 2 courses of anti biotics and cream which seems to be making it worse will this be ok ? really unsure of what to do as surgery was taken place in brussels and no after care please help

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It will heal fine

You have wound break down and there is no need for antibiotics. You will local wound care and you can ask your local plastic surgeon for help. If your local plastic surgeon refuse to take care of the problem from surgery some where else, do not give up and ask your surgeon in Belgium to find a local doctor for you. You will heal fine in long run and may need scar revision .

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No aftercare from Belgium

I am afraid that this is one of the problems with going for some of these overseas deals, but I am sure that you are aware of this now! 

It is difficult to see exactly what is going on from the photo, but it looks like you may have a breakdown of the wound.  This can occur, but it is important that it is managed properly to  give you the best outcome.  You need to seek help with regard to local wound care and dressings.  I would start by letting the company now that you have a problem as I would hope that there would be some recourse to treatment.

Failing that, you will have to seek help from you local plastic surgeon or see if your GP will help.  I know that the NHS has a big problem picking up the tab for these sorts of problems.  Good luck and I'm sorry that this has happened to you.

Wound healing problem after mastopexy

You have a wound that doesn't want to heal.  Based on the photo alone, you have lost some skin, and have fat necrosis that does not appear infected.  You could try to wait it out, but I think that it would be best at this time to at least discuss a surgical procedure to remove the dead fat, and perhaps close the tissue, depending on clinical presentation.

If you have an implant in as well, this will complicate it more.


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Medical tourism

Unfortunately, this is the problem with going abroad to have surgery. Now you should find someone locally to help you out.

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How Can I Get Rid of This Infection After a Breast Uplift in Belgium?

Obtain and PAY for a PS evaluation and treatment! This is the issue of out of country surgery with no after care!!! Maybe fly back to Belgium for care? From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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