How to Get Rid of Folliculitis?

I had some few folliculitis on my back of the head before 2 years. I had it checked from times to times .But it couldnt help to cure .Now there are about 15 in my back. So i want to ask if there is a full cure method for this ?

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Folliculitis and laser hair removal

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Folliculitis can be initially treated with topical and oral antibiotic therapies.  If recurrent, laser hair reduction can be an effective long-term solution.


Anatoli Freiman, MD, FRCPC

Toronto Dermatology Centre

Toronto Dermatologist

Ingrown hairs

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folliculitis is an infected ingrown hair

we use laser hair reduction to eliminate the hair from the follicle with a high rate of success

common areas we treat are face, chin , axilla , trunk

David V. Martini, MD
Elkton Facial Plastic Surgeon

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