How Can I Get Rid of This Facial Scar on Ethnic Skin? (photo)

I am a light skinned females mixed with Black and Hispanic. Almost a year ago i got a pimple right above my lip. Because of the location i couldn't stand it, and basically picked and popped it. Well it left a scar, leaving my self confidence at 0 because everyone stares at me. At this point i am willing to do anything to lighten or fade the scar. I dont know where to start in finding a doctor because most doctors don't know much about ethnic skin. What can i do? I am allergic to hydroquin

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Fixing an upper lip scar with scar revision

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Lip scars can be improved with lip scar excision and layered closure in order to improve the noticeable scar on your upper lip. 

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Scar treatment in ethnic skin

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Your photo is not ideal for evaluation as it does not show if the scar is elevated or depressed, only that it is pigmented.  There are many agents that can now be used to treat pigmentation that are not hydroquinone.  In addition there are fillers if the scar is depressed and cortisone injection if it is raised.  You need to be seen by someone with expertise in this area and you will be likely to have improvement.

Stephen Mandy, MD
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How Can I Get Rid of This Facial Scar on Ethnic Skin?

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Photos posted do not really demonstrate an issue. Best to seek in person term consults in your city. 

Getting Rid of Facial Scar

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People of color are prone to developing keloidal and hypertrophic types. Using vitamin E on scars can produce rapid results in helping to minimize the scaring.


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