How Can Someone Get Rid of Facial Redness? (photo)

i know someone that has facial redness and wants to get rid of it they will suddenly turn red on the cheeks and forehead.Not sure if its blushing though or like rosacea.Also how could they darken their complexion just like a tone or two see picture below from something like the first to something like the second.

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How to get rid of facial redness

If a person just has facial redness and no papules or pustules, then treatments with intense pulsed light, pulse dye laser or other vascular lasers may help decrease the amount of redness over several treatments.

It is also helpful to prevent blushing/flushing by avoiding direct sunlight, hot showers, spicy foods, hot drinks, alcohol and other situations where the face gets warm.  There are also topical and oral medications available if the primary problem is flushing.

If flushing is of sudden onset, a workup for medical problems that cause flushing may be needed.

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Facial Redness

Facial redness or Rosacea can be improved via V-Beam Laser or IPL.  There are also topical ingredients like Vitamin C and Metrogel which aid in reducing facial redness as well.  These lasers and creams will help get rid of the vessels/telangiectasia associated with Rosacea and the overall redness.

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