How do I get rid of extreme tooth sensitivity? I had no problems with it before I visited the dentist for a Dental Crown.

I had an emergency root canal and crown done on my front tooth over a month ago. Just the other day as I was driving, I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my mouth top and bottom. Since then, it has gotten worse and more frequent especially after eating. I even have to drink cold beverages with a straw to avoid ice touching my teeth. What do I do?

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I would encourage you to return to your dentist and let them know about your discomfort.  This could be as simple as the bite being off a bit on your new crown to as serious as another tooth needing a root canal treatment.  Without a proper exam that is difficult to determine on the internet.  Give your dentist a chance to do an eval and I am sure they can help you.  Good luck!

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