How Can I Get Rid of Enlarged, Scarred Areola After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Hi, I had breast surgery 3 years ago in Bolivia, and I was left with scarred nipples, my boobs fall to my armpits when i lay on my back, and I lost sensation on my nipples. I got breast implants because I was very insecure about my breast, but now I'm ashamed of how they look now, please help me! Is this fixable??? and How much would it cost me? Thank you!

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Revision breast augmentation, correcting nipple asymmetry and fixing implant malposition

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thanks for your question.


I think that it is definitely reasonable to revise your breast augmentation at this time. I see two issues, one is implant malposition and the other is unsightly scarring at the peri-areolar incision.  The solution is to revise the capsule or implant pocket so that the implants are in a more esthetic position on the chest wall and not displacing laterally into your armpits.  This would be combined with revision of the nipple areola complex to both revise the scar and decrease the diameter of the nipple.  Unfortunately, loss of sensation of the nipples may be uncorrectable.


I believe that most board certified plastic surgeons are charging between 6000 and 9000 dollars for these procedures.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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I would do a scar revision and pocket revision to help reverse your issues this surgery would cost around $10 000

Correction Of Breast Augmentation

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At 3 years after your surgery, you could benefit from a corrective surgery where your implants will be replaced and the new ones will be positioned correctly within their pockets that may need some modification.

Also, you would benefit from a lift (Benelli or Lollipop) with circumareolar repositioning of your nipples and elimination of your areolar scars.

The procedure will be of a delicate nature. So I recommend that you consult with a board certified surgeon of extensive experience.

The best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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