How to Get Rid of Depression Caused by Fraxel Laser on Face?

last year ,i took 5 sessions of fraxel laser on my hyperpigmented cheeks. pigmentation gets reduced 60-70% but a square shaped depression developed on my right cheek. and the depression has slight noticable pigmentation ,..plz tell me how to get rid of this depressed scar. it looks very bad and abnormal.

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Fraxel is one of the better laser devices available in the market right now for facial rejuvenation. I use it almost on a daily basis. it is also a treatment for scarring. with that said, like any other laser device this laser does require a specialist who knows how to operate lasers and knows how to treat the possible complications/adverse effects. without photos its hard to comment on the depressed scar you have gotten from the use of fraxel. if possible please post photos. u can always look into geting some filler for the depressed scar. 

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