How to get rid of deformed stomach and deep stretch mark scars? (photo)

I'm currently 67kg and need to lose another 7kg before I get to my ideal weight. As you can see I dont have much loose skin either but my stomach is totally deformed from my 1st pregnancy. How can I successfully get rid of all of these deep stretch marks? Is it true a tummy tuck can only help with some of those scars? Is there really no way to completely get rid of these marks?

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How to get rid of deformed stomach and deep stretch mark scars?

   Removal of skin is the most effective stretchmark treatment available.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Tummy tuck

You will definitely have best results with a tummy tuck procedure.

Based on the photos provided I would recommend searching for a tummy tuck specialist you will achieve much better results with this procedure.
Daily I see people in my office confused about what their options are with respect to making the abdomen look better.
The key is skin tone. If your abdomen has good skin elasticity then liposuction will remove the fat from underneath the skin, and the skin will shrink up and chances are you'll be satisfied.
If the skin is loose or sagging, then removing fat from underneath the skin will tend to make the skin even looser. In this situation we begin a discussion of tummy tuck.
If there is a whole role of skin that can be pinched from the pubic area to the bellybutton then that patient will generally be better with a full tummy tuck. You might try this on your own while sitting down.
If a small pinch gives improvement just above the pubic area than mini tummy tuck might be a better option.
Another issue with an abdominal contouring is not skin or fat laxity, but laxity of the abdominal wall. With childbearing and weight gain weight and loss the abdominal wall stretches and usually will not come back without some help from your plastic surgeon. I would strongly recommend that you let your plastic surgeon give you your best options and evaluate you.

Antoine A. Hallak, MD, FACS
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How to get rid of deformed stomach and deep stretch mark scars?

Hello and thank you for your question. The truth is a tummy tuck can only help with the scars that are below the belly button. The stretch marks that are above your belly button would end up near or just above your pubic area as will your tummy tuck scar. That said, with this photo it's hard to say how much excess skin you have and if you'r a real candidate for a full TT or not. An in person examination would be best to determine your options.
Best of Luck.

Miguel Mota, MD
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