How Can I Get Rid of Cosmetic Injection Lumps from Five Years Ago?

I had a filler injection done approximately 5 years ago. The person who inject me said it was ácido hialuronico y acido lactico ( Phiell g1) however I am not certain if this is true, regardless, After a few months, visible lumps began to appear. 5 years on the bumps where the injections took place remain visible as a from of granuloma. I am looking for a solution to get rid of the lumps or at least to minimise the volume, what are my options? does any one know a true expert in this field?

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Filler bumps 5 years later

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Filler lumps that are five years old are either granulomas or permanent filler product. Hyaluronic acid products dissolve by about a year. You may need surgery to remove them if possible. An exam in person is critical to make a proper evaluation.

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