I had two chin implants and I am not happy. Can I just have it removed?

I had two chin implants and I am not happy. Can I just have it removed? What is the negatives of having it removed?

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Chin Implant Removal

You can most certainly just have the implant removed. Depending on the type of implant used will dictate what side effects or down side to removal there may be. For instance, a silastic implant will be easy to remove and likely have no long term side effects. Other types of implants though may require mroe extensive removal surgery and can cause some minor aesthetic problems. It is best to speak with your surgeon about your concerns.

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Chin implant

Cosidering this is your second attempt at chin implant, with unsatisfactory results to you. From previud posting by you , you seems to be inhappy with your nose and chin.

Consider having a consultation with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY). You are well informed and ask All your questions and discuss your concerns. Is the results you have in mind achievable or even possible?

Are you going to be happy with implant removal? How to fix the soft tissue?

are fillers an option?

If you are not happy with your implant and you are sure , then go ahead and remove the implant.

Before doing anything else seek a professional opinion

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