Get Rid of Butt Dimples?

I've had dimples in my butt cheeks ever since I was little. I only have one on each cheek so I don't believe it's cellulite. I was told by a relative it was because I got some shots in my butt and they were not done properly which cause the dimples. Can this be true? How can I get rid of them

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Butt Dimples Can Be Treated

The buttocks is specialized for sitting and laying down. It has fibers from the muscles, though the fat, and into the skin.  When one of these fibers shortens or fat around it is either excessive or lacking, it can lead to a depression.  Cellulite is related to this condition but not exactly the same.  Newer cellulaze and cellutyte treatments are effective.  Fascial release with fat grafting can also be helpful.  Seek consultaiton for a board certified plastic srugeon experienced in buttock procedures.

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Get Rid of Butt Dimples?

It's difficult to know sometimes the cause of the dimpling. You would have to be examined first but there are techniques to release and elevate the scar tissue that's causing the dimpling and then inject fat beneath it to keep it elevated. There is a new laser, Cellulaze, that is used for cellulite, that may also be an option. It's best to seek an experienced plastic surgeon for a consultation. Best of luck to you!

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