Laser or Surgery to Remove Burn Scar?

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Removing burn scars with laser or surgery

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In my experience surgery (meaning the excision of the scar tissue) usually creates a better cosmetic outcome. It does, however, depend on the size of the scar and whether or not it is hypertropic or a true keloid scar. Also, such things as limitation of movement secondary to the scar formation and contracture become involved in this decision. For those reasons, I'd recommend a consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon who can take a look at you in-person and help your decide what would work best for you.

Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

Treating burn scars by laser or surgery

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If the scar is small and in an appropriate location, surgery may be the best solution.  Larger scars or those in areas that do not do well with excision often do better with dermabrasion of fracional CO2 laser resurfacing.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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