How Can I Get Rid of This Bony Forehead? (photo)

in addition to that i have a loose forehead aka loose skin when i raise my eyebrows my whole head and hair ends up moving. like why is that? my face is all that fixable like botox possibly? on top of that i have a receding hairline...can that be fixed? as for the bony forehead, how the heck can i get rid of that?! Its bony and its a well known feature on MEN! but I'm a WOMEN and a young one at that. This is staring to get real tragic please help!

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Forehead bumps and facial feminization.

For 35 years I have done facial feminization removing the bumps and excess skin with or without lowering the hairline if needed. This is done using the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline procedure we invented. 

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