What should I do? (photos)

I'm so tired of being embarrassed of my smile !! I didn't have my wisdom teeth cut out until I was 24 and they were all laid on their bellies my mouth has suffered from being overcrowded for years !! I do not have dental insurance and would love to know the best affordable option for me .... Thanks

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Invisalign and Cosmetic bonding

My name is Dr. Goodman and I am a cosmetic dentist.
Looking at your photo, the best course of action is Invisalign, invisible braces right away.
Don't wait another day,
Do it soon, it will take 9 months but you will see incredible results after 3 to 4 months.

Take my advise, see a top cometic dentist and you may be happy by the end of 2016 already, even before you finish. At the same time, have them broaden your smile and back teeth and this will give you a fuller smile. Now is the best time and you will be happy for many years to come. You make a great candidate for Invisalign and you should never be embarrassed again.

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Embarrassed by My Smile

His Brittany from South Carolina!  I am so sorry your wisdom teeth created the crowding teeth in your mouth. Your teeth look like they are in great shape with the exception of their crowding.  You mentioned you did not have insurance, but most of the time,  dental insurance does not always provide orthodontic coverage anyway.  I think you would benefit by doing invisalign. There are many payment plans out there and you will find many of them are affordable.  You can make no interest payments on them.  It may tale awhile to pay it off, but it is so worth it for you.  You will be able to have a beautiful smile and straight teeth.

Vachik Danoukh, DMD
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great question--As much as you may dislike your smile you took a great photo and it looks like you have really beautiful teeth--the problem is that your teeth are not in alignment. Invisalign would be an ideal choice for you.
My advice--try and get a couple no charge consults from orthodontists or dentist who provide invisalign and see how you can fit it into your finances. You'll have an absolutely beautiful smile in about 18 months or less. Good Luck

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