Can the VI Peel be used only in a specific area of the face?

Can the VI Peel be used only in a specific area of the face? For example, I only have a hyperpigmented spot on the side of my nose. I have tried tretinoin, kojic acid, and many other skin lighteners to lighten the hyperpigmentation but they did not work. The dermatologist used the VI Precision Plus Peel all over my face and I noticed that the hyperpigmented spot on my nose drastically diminished. Is it possible for the dermatologist to use the VI Peel only on one hyperpigmented area of the face?

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VI Peel to Face

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Thank you for your question. The VI peel is applied to the entire area of the face. It is not intended to be used for spot treatments. Other treatments, like intense pulse light (IPL), are great options for spot treating hyperpigmentation. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best treatment plan to address your hyperpigmentation concerns.

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Can the VI Peel be used only in a specific area of the face?

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Th VI Peel is intended to apply to the entire face, not to be used as a spot treatment.  If you still have a spot of hyper pigmentation on the side of your nose you could inquire about IPL (intense pulse light) therapy with your Dermatologist. They could target the area of concern with the IPL, versus having to have the full face treated with another peel.  Good Luck!

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