I have uneven nasolabial folds and I'm looking for a solution? (Photo)

I am 28 years old and when I smile w/ teeth, I have this ugly fold of skin that is hollow right by my nose. It has prevented me from smiling hard. I would like for that area to be smooth with less creasing and bulging. You can see the celebrity I'm referring to. When she smiles, there is only one smile line and the skin by her nose is smooth with no bulging. Is this possible to fix? If so, would the fix be permanent?

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Rhinoplasty for nasolabial folds?

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Thank you for the question and photos. It is unlikely that a rhinoplasty can produce a significant change in your nasolabial folds. In some cases, fat grafts or fillers may bring about desirable results. Keep in mind that an in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is always the best way to assess your needs and obtain the most reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.

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Nasolabial fold asymmetry

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Hello. Generally we use neuromodulators like Botox for problems associated with motion and fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm for problems when the face is at rest. Neither is permanent.The best thing would be for you to visit an experienced facial plastic surgeon for a consultation. I hope this helps.

Michael Godin, MD
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Ugly nasolabial fold

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Hello Lovelygirl04. The second picture (should be yours) so bad that nobody can make any comment. Please sent your front pictures with neutral and smiling positions then I can say something about it. Anyway we can change your lips and nasolabial folds to an attractive appearence in they have not.


Ege Ozgentas, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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