Graft understanding, does a longer strut give more support?

hello. I have a question.. If a columella strut is lets say a certain size and then there is another strut that is twice that long. Would each strut provide the same amount of support if put in the same patient. I do not understand how supposively a longer strut gives more support. It is just a piece lying on some tissue which gives support vs a piece that just goes down deeper to the nasal spine still giving support I am just confused?

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Columellar strut

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Thanks for your question.  

A columellar strut is a piece of cartilage that we use for grafting to support the tip cartilages.  This helps the surgeon control the tip projection, stabilize the nasal tip and can help balance symmetry and the coumellar-nostril relationship.  

To provide "more" vs. "less" support is a confusing way to describe it.  The longer the strut, the more projection you can achieve, but it's hard to quantify the degree of support.  Basically, the thickness or rigidity of the piece of cartilage would provide more strength, but would then make the columella wider.  The length would help you control the tip projection and distance from the face and overall balance of the nasal proportion.

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