How often do you follow-up with your TT patients? At which time points can exercise be added back to daily activity?

By exercise, I mean walking, jogging on a treadmill, 5-10 lb free weights for arms, etc. Is there a recommended exercise plan for those who are recovering as expected, with no complications or pain. I had a TT but still have tricep flaps and back fat I want to lose. What is a safe, recommendation?

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Post tummy tuck recovery

Dear Cufc40,
 There is no universal policy in regard to post tummy tuck surgery return to normal activity after tummy tuck. Every doctor has his own routine.
 In my practice, I see my tummy tuck patients the day after surgery, followed by 2 visits 3-4 days apart,  than one week, one months and final visit after 3 months. Obviously, if there are any healing issues, I see my patients more frequently. My patients are allowed to return to physical activity after 6 week with gradual increase of intensity over 2 weeks , to normal activity.
 I am surprised that your doctor did not provide you with his policy(unless you lost it). All my patients have my cell phone number for any eventuality or question.
 Call  your doctor's office on Monday and obtain the instruction, because they are very important for your surgery protection and good long term outcome.
             All the best,
                           Dr Widder

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