Why has my face become so asymmetrical? (Photo)

I've noticed that my face shape is changing drastically as the years pass. For some reason, cardio right before i go out seems to always add a glow to my face and make it much more symmetrical. Here are three pictures of me within the past year.

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Face shape, symmetry, glow.

You have a very handsome face particularly on the right with a smile and good lighting! The midface tissues elevate and the cheeks catch the light when you smile. With a more serious expression, the eyes are more rounded and the lower face appears more thin. It is normal to have some variation in the facial appearance with lighting, hair changes, facial expression, and other factors. A bit of asymmetry is considered entirely normal. However, if you have new symptoms and notice specific changes, it is very reasonable to have a checkup with your doctor. Just based on your photographs, I don't see anything to worry about. Best wishes - keep smiling!

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