Does CoolSculpting also helps with shrinking the skin after loss of fat?

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Does CoolSculpting help to shrink skin after fat loss?

A CoolSculpting procedure will lead to a decrease in fat in the treated area but it will not shrink the skin.  If there is excess skin at the start, this issue will not improve but the fat in the area would be better.  If there is not excess skin at the beginning, then in most cases the skin will be elastic enough to contour to the new shape after the fat loss.  

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Skin may tighten after CoolSculpting procedure

CoolSculpting is not a skin tightening device; however, if a patient has good quality, elastic skin in the areas treated, it should naturally tighten as the fat is lost. I have personally never seen skin laxity after a Coolsculpting procedure and have done thousands. The thought is that there may be some skin contraction after the procedure because the mild inflammation it causes. I I recommend visiting a board-certified dermatologist for an in-person consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting and if you are likely to experience skin tightening with fat loss. 

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CoolSculpting and Skin Laxity

CoolSculpting targets the fat cells in the treatment area but does not directly help with laxity of the skin. If there is good skin elasticity to start with, it is likely that the skin will shrink along with the fat. However, if there is excess skin to begin with, there is a chance that the skin laxity will worsen. Depending on the area, Ultherapy or Thermage can help with skin laxity.

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Skin shrinkage or tightening after coolsculpting for fat loss in my NYC practice

IF patients have good elasticity of their skin, they typical retract much of their skin along with the fat loss after CoolSculpting.  If someone, however, has lots of stretch marks and the skin doesn't pull back after it's pulled out, then it probably won't stretch back after CoolSculpting. 
Interestingly, many women who think they have fat rolls on their back have no significant fat, but the skin has rolled down over time.  I didn't think these women were candidates for CoolSculpting in the early days, but we have found that this skin can in some patients, retract significantly after CoolSculpting. No guarantees can be given in any specific case as patients may respond differently depending on their genetics, health condition, nutrition and sun damage.

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Does CoolSculpting help with loose skin?

Hello,  CoolSculpting is FDA approved for the reduction of fat cells.  Although, there can naturally be some tissue contraction on the area treated, depending on the age of the patient and the amount of laxity, it is not approved for tissue tightening.  It is best to keep this in mind when considering a treatment. Some people just want to look better in their clothes and the laxity of skin is less of an issue. 

Good Luck!

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CoolSculpting also helps with shrinking the skin

CoolSculpting works by cooling fat under the skin to the point that some fat cells die and are resorbed.  If there is very elastic skin over the treated area the skin may conform a bit to treated area.  There is some evidence that warming skin may cause some shrinkage but not the cooling aspect.

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the effect of CoolScupting on the skin

 postop thing does not have any direct or specific effect on the skin.  If, however, the fat underneath is reduced, the skin off and shrinks a little bit along with it.

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Coolsculpting and Loose Skin

Coolsculpting will not tighten skin. As with any weight loss ,the final condition of the skin after the fat reduction will depend on how much fat is removed, your age, and your skins elasticity. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the skin on the treated area you may want to consider a skin tightening procedure such as Reaction, Titan, or Fotona TightLase. Hope this helps.

Shelena Lalji, MD
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Coolsculpt and loose skin

Coolscuplting is used as fat reduction procedure and won't 'shrink' skin directly. However if a patient has a bigger pocket of fat behind the loose skin, it may look as though it has a tightening affect. If sagging skin is there to begin with, it can bring it more to focus. There are other ways to tighten skin and can be used in combination with coolsculpting. Consult with your physician for the best results.

Thank you

Dr Davin Lim 

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Coolsculpting and skin tightening

Our patients definitely have skin tightening along with fat reduction in the treated areas.  Our patients have been thrilled to not only get the fat reduced but to see the skin tighten up as well and not be left looking deflated.  If the area of concern is solely loose skin and little to no fat, then there will likely be very little skin tightening.

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