I have multiple impressions and concave areas in my glutes. Adipose stem cell therapy or fat injections that go away within mont

When I was younger I had multiple injections to the glute region. I'm not sure what they were because it happened when I was in an orphanage. I now have multiple impressions and concave areas in my glutes. I had a MRI done and they said my muscles weren't damaged and that it was just fat atrophy. I go to the gym and lift weights but the issue is still there. What's my best option? If I get fat transfer won't I burn it off because of the gym?

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Fat Injections would help

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I sorry to hear about your situation, most likely you had some sort of steroid injections in your buttocks that led to fat atrophy.  I have seen and treated this on numerous occasion.  The best treated is to replace the tissue that was lost with your own fat cells.  The fat graft contain naturally contain stem cells and other healing factors as well btw.   Depending on the size and number of defects it may take multiple grafts to achieve the desired correction.  This grafts could possibly be done in the office under local anesthesia.   I recommend you come in for a free evaluation by a plastic surgeon.

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Fat transfer to buttocks is your best choice.

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Your best bet is fat graft to the buttocks.   Once they take they are good for many years including a lifetime.  Fat is your treatment of choice.   You may need a series of injections but it will be potentially worth it.    My Best,   Dr Commons

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