I need a doctor who will take my insurance for reconstructive surgery on my ruptured breast? I have saline now, my second set.

I had no breast tissue. at 16 had silicone implants leaked for years removed and replaced 14 years ago a year ago one ruptured. My insurance approved the ruptured one and wanted doctor to submit replacement of other one. He would not. Cigna says they will approve both but need it submitted as my case is a birth defect. Insurance is how the other two sets were paid. I need a doctor in my area to help me out with this. as the flat one now has a knot in it.

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Implant replacement

Cigna will have a list of providers for you, you just need to contact them. However, I would be extremely surprised if this is not considered cosmetic in nature. Best of luck.

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The "knot" in the deflated breast is the wadded up shell of the deflated implant. Your insurance company will have a listed panel of doctors who they work with so best to go online to their website for a surgeon near you. 

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