I received a consultation for liposuction and it was suggested that I get the upper, lower and waist area (Photo)

I received a consultation for liposuction and it was suggested that I get the upper and lower abdomen and waist area. Does it matter if I get the waist area done or not? I did consider a tummy tuck but I don't want one. What type of results do you think I can achieve with the liposuction?

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Surgical plan: weight loss, tummy tuck, lipo of waist

Hi.  It looks from your side photo, like you have significant muscle separation.  The front view shows loose skin.  These issues would best be corrected with a tummy tuck, but only once you lose some weight.  Liposuction of the waist area (back side) and bra-fat area would help to give you more of an hourglass figure, as well.  

Lipo of the abdomen would not fix your muscle separation issue, and would make your loose skin situation worse.

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Weight loss then tummy tuck

Lots of doctors will say yes to money. I would recommend weight loss first, then a tummy tuck. If you have lipo or a tummy tuck now, you won't look right. Don't be fooled by promises of a quick fix. Your goal should be loose skin first, then a tummy tuck. If you really don't want a tummy tuck, then liposuction can debulk your abdomen and lower back, but it will leave you with loose skin that will require a tummy tuck to fix.

You need a tummy tuck. Lipo will botch you.

You have loose hanging skin, loose separated abdominal muscles, and protrusion of your internal organs into the loose abdominal wall causing a huge potbelly. The fat on the surface is not the potbelly. Removing the fat with lipo will not make you look better. Loose hanging skin doesn't improve with lipo. Laser or not, it won't shrink smoothly and will wrinkle severely. Loose abdominal muscles don't improve with lipo. You need a tummy tuck. Lipo is not a substitute.

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Liposuction would help out your waist and love handles, but not your stomach. I would find a different doctor preferably a board certified plastic surgeon.

I received a consultation for liposuction and it was suggested that I get the upper, lower and waist area

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Unfortunately I would not recommend liposuction in your case as it appears that you have significant stretch marks along your lower abdomen and excess skin that would only worsen with treatment.  Stretch marks prevent your skin from shrinking after removal of the underlying fat and liposuction alone would leave you with loose, sagging skin.  I think you would most benefit from a full tummy tuck and liposuction of your waist, hips and flanks. The tummy tuck will tighten your stomach muscles, helping to achieve a flatter appearance, while removing excess skin and adipose tissue. Liposuction can be used to further enhance your results by narrowing your waist and removing isolated areas of fat. Hope that this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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