Can braces widen nose? I am extremely upset

I am a teenager and I've had braces for almost 2 years now. I had a crossbite and had my upper arch widened. My smile looks good however i have notice that my nose became WIDER after i got my braces on. The alar base is very wide compared to before and it looks like im flaring my nostrils when I really am not. Its upsetting me immensely and I am wondering why this has happened :( please help

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Sorry to hear about your troubles!  It sounds like they may have expanded you upper arch to correct the cross bite. As the upper arch is expanded so is the bone which happens to be the base of your nose. 

I would definitely recommend having a discusssion with your dentist about your concerns. There maybe other ways to accomplish the same results without having to do anymore expansion.

Best of luck

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