34 year old woman with what appears to be lipoma on ultrasound.

I have a lipoma in my right rib area that's painful and tonight i noticed i have one on my left side that's also painful. I'm not able to lay on either side because it hurts. Is it possible that these aren't lipomas and they are something else. I emailed my Dr to let him know about the new one i found on the left side

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Lipoma on rib

I am sorry you are so uncomfortable. Soft tissue masses may be due to lipomas (fatty masses) or cysts which are most commonly benign. Once they bother you to the point  where you cannot sleep on them, you need to consider removal. A physical exam or ultrasound should help your doctor determine what the mass is, lipoma vs epidermoid cyst  or more rarely, something actually attached to the rib bone or cartilage. CT scan is useful in complicated cases. Malignancies are unusual, particularly on both sides, but consult your doctor for to plan your next step. Good luck and take care.

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

34 year old woman with what appears to be lipoma on ultrasound.

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your lipoma issues.  In most cases ultrasound can differentiate a mass as a lipoma from the surrounding soft tissues, and it is not uncommon to have lipomas present over the ribs of a patient.  See a plastic surgeon for removal, both can be done in a small in-office procedure.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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