I had a full TT on the 1st. Feeling good but my mid back is really bothering me. What can I do?

Had TT on the 1st and drains removed yesterday. Everything has been fine really until two nights ago when I got a horrible back pain. My Mid back hurts from where it is curved when sleeping upright and the girdle is tightest. To even take too deep of breath it hurts mainly on left side. Like my rib joint is stuck. Are there stretches I can go to work it out without compromising my stomach?

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Back pain with deep breath after tummy tuck

There are several possibilities for the cause of your pain. It could be just muscle spasm and will resolve with time.There is another more ominous possibility that needs immediate evaluation and that is a pulmonary embolism that can be life threatening. This is unlikely, but you should see your surgeon right away. They will be able to help in any case.Good luck.

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Lower back pain after TT

Lower back pain is very common after TT. It is usually caused by walking in a "hunched over" position. My patients have gotten a lot of relief by renting a walker. They can be rented at many pharmacies. Best of luck!

Bradley A. Hubbard, MD
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Post-Op Back Pain

I no longer use drains, but if you go to a doctor who uses #drains, they usually stay in 3-5 days but may be required to remain in longer. It is hard to tell if something happened with the drain or its removal, but it may be best to contact your surgeon's office directly for advice on what may work best, or if it may likely be a good idea  to see them in person for an evaluation. Best wishes to you!

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