How do Rib Cartilage grafts perform longterm?

I need rib cartilage grafting. Are they like a living tissue after grafting? Can they die, rot and decay? After healing completely, is there still any risk of infection? Can/Do they shift over time? Do they dissolve over time? Are you out of the woods, so to speak, after you're healed and do not experience any warping, or could this occur at any time period after recovery?

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Rib cartilage for rhinoplasty

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Rib cartilage is an excellent option for grafting during a rhinoplasty. It is strong and can add significant structure and support.

There is a risk of infection early on, but once healed, this should not be an issue.

Any cartilage graft used during a rhinoplasty can resorb over time, but rib cartilage is much less likely to do so compared to ear cartilage. Warping can occur, but if the cartilage is sculpted correctly, it will greatly reduce the chance of any problems.

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