What if a rib cartilage breaks 2 months after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 months ago, but now there is a gap in the bridge. I think the rib cartilage is broken,and If the cartilage is broken what are the complications that can occur. What will i have to do if it is broken.

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Bridge Gap Broken Rib Cartilage?

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Without the benefit of pictures or an examination, it is very difficult to give you sound advice. Rib cartilage might warp but is doesn't usually break. I am not sure what is causing the gap but it would be nice to see a picture.
Consult your surgeon.

Best wishes

West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Rib caritlage

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The use of costal cartilage to reconstruct a nose requires a longer healing period. I would be patient and reassess the result with your surgeon.

Jose E. Barrera, MD, FACS
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wait for final healing

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Without a photo it is difficult to discern what you mean by a gap, but it's likely too early for a rib graft to warp.  It's possible you might be feeling the edge or end of the graft.  Be patient, waiting at least 6 months, to determine a final outcome.

John Frodel, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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