Laser resurfacing (CO2 Total FX) after surgery (Brow Lift+Upper/Lower Eye Lift+Facial Fat Graft) - How long must you wait after?

If going to have endoscopic brow lift (temporal w/ 2 incisions top scalp), upper+lower bleph (transconjunctival), some minor facial fat grafting of upper face/ under eye, how long to wait to do Total FX ablative fractional laser resurfacing with Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore CO2 laser? Know some say these procedures can be combined (not possible/different doctors), if you must do them separately could resurfacing be done 1 month post surgery? Thank you!

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Laser before or after facelift

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In my practice, I prefer to do the laser and fat grafting first, then proceed with facelift/browlift/bleph if needed. Reason being, the laser procedure will make your face swell quite a bit and we do not want to stretch out the facelift and cause the skin to become loose again. We like to wait at least 3 months between procedures.

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