2 weeks post op of Rhinoplasty, how long do I have to wait to have another surgery done to my nose?

I had rhioplasty done just 2 weeks ago the tip of my nose was fine so the suregon only touch above the tip of my nose where it was quiet broad I have been told that it can take yo to 6months to see the result, but I just want to know can I get more surgery to make it look more norrow? How long do I have to wait after surgery to have more surgery done to my nose

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Looking for more surgery after only two weeks?

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Whoa. Take a rest. Why are you thinking of further surgery when you haven't healed o seen the final results of the surgery you said you had just two weeks ago? 

Rhinoplasty recovery time

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It take a full year for swelling to resolve after rhinoplasty. Make sure to communicate with your surgeon. It is too early to critically evaluate your results. Hang in there. Good luck. 

Revision rhinoplasty

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 You can see the preliminary results of your rhinoplasty at 4 weeks, but it takes a further 6 months before you have your final result. Especially at the tip.

You should wait a full year prior to any revisional surgery. Any earlier you will be operating on a moving target and will get suboptimal results.

How soon after primary rhinoplasty can I have a secondary procedure?

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  • If you're rhinoplasty was only two weeks ago I would wait at least 6 to 8 weeks before beginning to look at my nose critically. Your ultimate result may take as long as 6 to 12 months. Unless you have a significant abnormality I would not recommend revisions surgery for at least 12 months to let all of the reaction from your primary procedure to resolve. I would recommend that you discussed this with your board-certified plastic surgeon at the time of your next visit. Best wishes

William G. Hart Jr., MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

2 weeks post op of Rhinoplasty, how long do I have to wait to have another surgery done to my nose?

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Most people wait for a year before considering a revision. It is way too soon to assess your results. Please be patient and communicate with your surgeon. Good luck.

Eric Desman, MD
Alexandria Plastic Surgeon

Time for a Revision Surgery

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In general, it is best to wait one year prior to a revision rhinoplasty.  This is to ensure that appropriate swelling has dissipated allowing the surgeon to see areas which need correction.  Repairing a nose too early can lead to a need for further surgeries.  Early on after a rhinoplasty, it may take some time to see the results of the procedure so try and be patient and allow the swelling to hopefully resolve.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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2nd surgery.

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Please be patient. I am sure your primary surgeon would have done a good job. The swelling on the nose takes a while to resolve(3 months ). I am sure you will get a very good result.

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