Rhinoplasty: Oral Vitamins/minerals for Improving Lymphatic Nasal System. And Soften/improving Scar Tissue, How?

2 in general Q. Situated: 12-24 months post. Thicker skin and slow healing people. Complete rhino/septum pl. Open approach. For does who still have some amount of edema but no real infection. Q1: Are there (specific) vitamins/minerals (oral) who safely can contribute for improving/develope the lympatic nasal system ''stream'' again. Same Q for overall nasal skin. Q2: What can safely be done for softening/improving internal scar tissue: (creme's, nose irrigation,medicines etc) besides injections?

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Scar tissue

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It is very hard to asses your case. Is it really scar tissue, or prolonged swelling? Is it cartilage and not scar tissue inside your nose you are feeling? Do you have thick skin? 

These are only a few of the possibilities of what you are ealing with. Seek the opinion of an experienced rhinoplasty specialist.

In general, steroid injections, can be used for very limited areas of scar tissue or prolonged edema. However one should weigh the potential risks.

I have not found exercises, irrigation etc, to affect scar tissue/healing post rhinoplasty.



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