Looking for Rhinoplasy Surgeon in Connecticut or Surrounding States

Hello, I am 19 years old, and looking to get Rhinoplasy. I live in connecticut, but will travel. I'm looking to get this done for under 6,000. I can't find the right doctor. All suggestions would be helpful! Thanks so much!

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Rhinoplasty surgeon

Hey KaylaD - I am glad to hear that you are looking around to find the right doctor for your concern - while I agree that price should not be the only criteria for choosing a doctor to do your nose I can realistically understand why it is part of your equation.  Choosing a doctor with lots of nasal experience may lead you to look for a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon - one who definitely understands both form (the outside shape of the nose) and function (the breathing job that the nose does).  Your visit should include evaluation of photos - looking for similarity in pose and lighting of the before and after pictures, and natural looking outcomes, it also should include a discussion about expectations and potential problems.  As an aside I don't think your price criteria is too far off realistic!  PK (peconic-faces.com)

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Rhinoplasty surgeon in Connecticut.

There are many experienced, ABPS-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Click on the link below to start the search in your area, visit chosen plastic surgeons' websites, look at their before and after photographs, and narrow your choices. Then, call their offices and see how you're treated, what kind of information is offered, and read what they send you. This will further narrow your choices, but you should see more than one surgeon, if only to cement your final choice once you talk to them in person.

Don't make cost your primary deciding factor--revision surgery costs MUCH more than dollars; there is the time off, the overall recovery, not to mention the psychological impact of initial surgery that didn't live up to your expectations. It's much better to spend a bit more up front, and do things properly, than to "save" with budget-doctor and end up having to re-operate to correct what might have been avoidable problems. Even skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons have less-than-perfect results; the best ones have the fewest of these, and have the skill and humility to learn from these experiences (both how to correct problems and perhaps avoid similar ones in the future).

Your consultant surgeons should also have a clearly-defined revisional surgery policy with fees and costs spelled out in detail. Ask if this is not offered as part of your discussion.

So far, there is only one other answer to your question as I type mine, and Dr. Constantian is near you in New Hampshire. He should be on any patient's short list of experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, not only in your area, but nationally and internationally. I have had the privilege of teaching with him, and know him to be a delightful person, a humble educator, and a renowned rhinoplasty expert. Find out for yourself, and include his office in your list!


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Look around but be careful about budget surgery

You live in an area with many good plastic surgeons, including some who teach regularly.  But budget cannot be the most important criterion.  Look at the web sites and results of surgeons around New England.  You should find a surgeon who can show you photos of patients that he or she has operated on with results that you like.  You must also like and trust  the surgeon and believe that he or she has your best interests at heart.

Your current financial goal may or may not be achievable unless the surgeon operates in a free-standing facility and has a lower-than-average fee.  Sometimes correction of airway obstruction can help with costs.  Just be careful.

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Don't shop for Rhinoplasty based on price

 IMHO, you should not shop for Rhinoplasty or any other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure or treatment based upon the price.  You may want to find several surgeons who have a good reputation performing Rhinoplasty and pay for a Consultation to learn what can improve the appearance of your nose.  Then, during those consultations, you can decide which surgeon's aesthetic judgement best fits what your are tryoing to achieve.  After that, you can work out the costs...because before that point how do you really know you want that particular surgeon to even perform your Rhinoplasty?

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