Rhinoplasty Using Silicone Implant Without Self Cartilage?

I am an Asian and I have big fat round nose tip and a low nose bridge. I have just undergone a rhinoplasty surgery using an L-shape silicone implant to lengthen my nose bridge. My surgeon did not mention to me about using my own ear cartilage. Now I am very worry about the implant will extrude through my skin. What should I do? Should I go for a recovery soon or just wait until it shows sign of wearing through my skin? Will it be too late to rectify then? What are the signs I should beware of?

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Rhinoplasty with Silicone Implant

   A rhinoplasty with silicone implant may work well.  I would not advise another surgery unless you have any problems.  If you have redness or visibility of the implant, this can be removed at a later point.

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Downsides of silicone implants in rhinoplasty

First, there's no need to panic.  L-shaped silicone implants do carry a fairly high risk of extrusion, but it is a gradual process.  The L-shaped implants tend to exert too much pressure on the nasal tip skin, causing it to thin out over time.  Things to watch out for are redness and tenderness in the area.  As the skin thins the implant will actually start to be visible.  You may be able to go months or even years before an issue develops, so you don't have to rush back for revision surgery.  When the time comes for a revision, I would recommend using your own tissue for a safe, permanent result.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Silicone Implant

The use of silicone implants is a much easier procedure than the use of cartilage grafts. Yes, they can erode thru the skin but this is rare. I would do nothing at this point since many people have good results with these type of implants. I am sure this was the preferred way of treatment for your surgeon and there is nothing wrong with that just as my preferred way is with cartilage.

Scott R. Brundage, MD
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Rhinoplasty Using Silicone Implant Without Self Cartilage?

  While I use Silastic (silicone) nasal implants to augment and build up the nasal bridge during Rhinoplasty...these are straight implants and not the L-shaped ones.  L-shaped implants have a vertical (short part of the L) that is placed between the two sides of the nasal tip catilages making the nasal tip wider, not smaller.  

  The connecting segment between this vertical segment and the part that builds up the nasal bridge is where the L-shaped implant typically erodes through the nasal skin.  This can occur in up to 100% of all cases within 15 months, IMHO.  For that reason, I do not use these L-shaped implants.  

  IMO, the widening of the nasal tip cartilages and the risk of erosion requires that at 6-9 months post op, the Rhinoplasty be revised to trim the L-section off of the implant and repair any damage that it may have caused to the tip cartilages.  The remainder, of the implant, can be left intact and not be removed.  I have performed this procedure many times over the past 25 years or so.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Silicone implant and rhinoplasty

While silicone implants are not my preferred implants for rhinoplasty, many surgeons do use them. If it looks good and is not giving you a problem than there may be no need to remove it.

Steven Wallach, MD
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