Rhinoplasty Performed, but Not Everything We Agreed on Was Done, How Should I Confront my Doctor?

I had told my doctor what I wanted, my bump removed the ball shape at the tip of my nose to be not round and for my nose not to have as big of an angle on my face. He said my wishes were realistic. I went in got it done, had the bandages on for the recommend time, went in and got them removed and only to find out my doctor had went through the skin on the top of my nose with his knife and a scar that wasn't supposed to be there. The only thing different is my bump is gone and a new scar.

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Confronting Surgeon after Rhinoplasty

You will gain nothing by "confronting" your surgeon. Be honest when discussing your disappointment and  hopefully you will have a constructive conversation. Please send pictures if you want specific information about the appearance of your nose.. 

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