I Had Rhinoplasy About 5 Months Ago I Have Just Noticed That on the Tip of my Nose There is Like Spot? (photo)

i had rhinoplasy about 5 months ago i have just noticed that on the tip of my nose there is like spot which looks like a stitch its definatly not a black head is this posible what shoud i do

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I Had Rhinoplasy About 5 Months Ago I Have Just Noticed That on the Tip of my Nose There is Like Spot?

Go be seen in person! Over the internet there is not much we can offer to help you. So please seek in person care. 

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You should consult your rhinoplasty surgeon about the appearance of your nose, as soon as possible.

Your photo is limited, but you appear to have intense redness below the tip, on your right side. This could be from infection or an extruding suture. Your surgeon would be best to evaluate and manage your concerns and your condition. If this is not possible, you should consult another reputable rhinoplasty surgeon for advice.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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Spot on nose

your photo is not clear enough to offer an opinion. My best advice would be to contact your surgeon's office and see if they can help you further.

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Post Rhinoplasty recovery


Dear Jaimeo, It is difficult to tell from your photograph what the "spot" is your referring to however by your description I would suggest seeing your treating surgeon for a full examination. To make sure you do not have any suture extruding through the skin or other complications. It is always best to see your surgeon as he/she will always know where you are in the recovery phase as well as what was done during your procedure. I wish you a quick recovery and best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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