Will a former deviated septum surgery has an effect on a future rhinoplasty surgery?

Will a former deviated septum surgery has an effect on a future rhinoplasty surgery with the purpose of straighten a crooked nose?

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Previous septoplasty will affect the rhinoplasty cartilage is needed

A previous septoplasty may have depleted the nose of any cartilage that could be required for the rhinoplasty procedure. Not every rhinoplasty needs cartilage grafting, so the answers to that question is made at the time the consultation. Look for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon since you may need ear cartilage to be harvested to reach your rhinoplasty goals

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Does septoplasty limit the options for rhinoplasty in the future?

The biggest limitation of having had a septoplasty prior to rhinoplasty is that, on occasion, no cartilage remains for nasal grafting. This is not usually the case - most often there is enough cartilage remaining. In the event that all of the "extra" cartilage has been removed, grafts can be obtained from the ear or a rib. I hope this answer is helpful.

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Will a previous deviated septum surgery have an effect on a future rhinoplasty surgery?

The previous septoplasty may reduce the amount of cartilage available for grafting.

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